Abruption by Riley MacKenzie

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Abruption by Riley MacKenzieAbruption by Riley Mackenzie
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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Second Chance

Everyone has a plan.

Dr. Guy Hunter secures his dream fellowship with a beautiful free spirit by his side. Two unexpected blue lines don't even shake his resolve—he is on his way to having it all. Until he isn’t.

Abruption: a sudden breaking off

Jules Chiappetti loves her boisterous over-involved Italian family but is determined to pave her own way. An MBA and boardroom job is her ticket out. Until it isn’t.

Abruption: an unexpected event

Four years later, Guy is consumed by the challenges of being a single father, still struggling with the aftermath that derailed his life and left his son with special needs. He doesn't realize his world went dark the same day his wife's did, until Jules, his son's new nurse, shows him the light.

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Miranda’s Review

“Fair is not getting what you think you deserve, it’s getting what you can handle.”

We are in the first month of the year and I already have the first book in my top ten for 2016 — Abruption by Riley MacKenzie. It is an emotional rollercoaster that will take you lower than the pits of emotional hell and then send you soaring into the clouds on an emotional high unlike any other.

Once I picked this book up, there was no putting it down. Life around me ceased to exist as I lived through Jules and Guy. As a mother reading about Finn, Guy’s son, was extremely difficult. His little life is the sum of every fear that a parent can have. An illness that is as unpredictable. One that you know in your heart will eventually steal away your everything, leaving devastation in its wake.

“Who loves ya to the moon and back?”

Every character, be it a main character, secondary character, or a menial person that has a brief moment in a scene, has a distinct voice and a purpose. It’s very difficult to give the most arbitrary characters a voice, to help make them stand out, and Riley MacKenzie does this without err. Because of this, every scene feels like it’s got purpose in the larger picture, there is no filler. Each word matters, even if you don’t see how the pieces connect at first, eventually you get to that light bulb moment and realize the sheer brilliance of how the storyline was crafted.

“I forgot what it felt like. To breathe. I forgot, and it feels so good. Thank you.”

The chemistry between Guy and Jules is perfection. From the first time they meet to the ending — you can feel the sparks. Even when the sparks are more like I’ll set you on fire than the smoking hot, waiting to combust kind. I’m going to admit, there were several times I was ready to smack Guy around for being a cocksure jerk, but the way Jules handled herself was beyond commendable. I don’t think there was a single moment in the entire book that I didn’t love her character. She’s everything I look for in a heroine.

At so many moments in her life she could have given up. She could have turned bitter and become a cold, uncaring person, but she pushed through. She’s very relatable. We’ve all had that thing, the one that takes the path we are on and detours us, puts us at a fork in the road and we have to make the tough choices. That is the sum of her life — making the touch choice — to overcome.

“Jules, my darling girl, you have an understanding for life that most people never achieve. Through devastation, through heartache, through loss you have seen the darkest depths, and yet you have emerged with compassion, a beauty, an awareness of what it means to love and be loved. Beautiful people don’t just exist, they are made.”

The family dynamic between Guy, his two children Finn and Max, and the babysitter Maya really makes your heart clench. A single dad with a chronically sick child having to depend on someone else to care for his children while he works. Feeling like he is constantly chasing his own tail, the circle never ending. Once I got to know him beyond that knee-jerk reaction to his callous treatment of Jules in their first meeting, I couldn’t help but love him and his entire family.

The ever eager to help babysitter, Maya. Max the feisty and sweet little girl that was so weighed down with worry and unease because of her brother’s illness. Finn, much like the Little Engine That Could, just never gave up. I fell in love with them all. I had so many times while reading that I was ready to curse the authors for how much heartache they inflicted on their characters.

“My life is like a chronic abruption since that first bleed. Raw and gaping.”

Abruption is captivating from the first word to the last. Even though the epilogue is done and I’ve finished the final page, I feel like the story carries on — that this one isn’t done — maybe never will be for me. Maybe it’ll forever be one that I look back on in reflection, honestly, I hope it will. It would be a terrible shame to ever forget the lives of such beautifully done characters.

Five Plus Stars and Four Wet Panties for this riveting romance that gives you all the feels. Every. Single. One.


Shay’s Review

“Being emotional is normal, all part of the job.” “These are precious new lives at their most fragile. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel the weight of your heart.”

Jules has suffered heartache of the worst kind and you don’t fully know until later on in the story and my heart just broke for her. She has built walls around her heart so she cannot get hurt again, but little does she know that is all about to change when she meets a new patient named Finn.

Guy had a plan but there were things that has happened that deterred him and he wouldn’t change it for the world. He has his daughter, Maxine and his son, Finn that matters the most in his world. His reason for breathing, he would do anything for his kids. What makes his life a little harder than normal is Finn has cerebral palsy. Always in and out of the hospital, Finn has had alot to deal with in his short life. This is where he meets Jules, she has been assigned to help take care of Finn when he is brought into the ER.

Their first impression of each other is instant even if he comes across abrasive and high handed. There is a reason for how he acts. She reminds him of someone that he wishes to not remember, but she finally understands that he has been hurt as well.

“He wasn’t angry or hateful. He was hurt. The silent kind. The kind that slowly singes everything you ever thought was good and burns so raw that you question if there would ever be anything powerful enough to douse the flames”

Jules tries to stop herself from caring. There is a lot at stake, its not just her and Guy. It is also about Maxine and Finn. But she cannot stop herself from falling for Guy.

“I didnt recognize myself with this man, but I liked who he brought out in me. She was sexy and strong. She was unbroken.”

She falls for them all quickly. It was inevitable from the get go. What is not to love about them?

“He leaned down and his wet lips found mine for a brief second. When he pulled away, his eyes were soft and filled with something I’d only caught glimpses of before, mostly when he thought I wasn’t looking. It was raw and gentle, making my heart swell against the fragile ties holding it together, as a kaleidoscope of butterflies swarmed my stomach. His thumb swiped my lower lip, drying it and then he whispered, “Who loves ya, doll?”

Finn opened his arms wide, screaming over the teaming shower, “We do, we do! To the moon and back.”

Yet Jules tried to hide her pain but Guy can sense her heartbreak.

“I see you, doll. I’ve kept my rage bottled up for so long it made me unrecognizable. Yet you can see me. You are the only one, Jules that can really see me, the old me. And now I see you, all of you”

I really enjoyed this story. I am going to admit, as soon as I had this on my kindle, I dropped EVERYTHING to read this. I am a big fan of these ladies and have been from the get go. What I love most about them is that they write what they know. To me that helps out tremendously because you want to be able to believe what you are reading. You want to be able to get immersed in the story to where the real world is moving around you, yet in your mind you are in this world instead. I just love that! What makes this story so special is that these characters have so much depth to them that their vulnerability made them all the more real to me. I couldn’t help but have all the feels for them.

This is definitely a FIVE STAR read for me!!! I cannot wait for more and trust me I will be waiting rather impatiently for the next one!


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About Riley Mackenzie

Yep. That’s an “s.” There are two of us!
We’re East coast girls separated by Long Island Sound who met in Physician Assistant School and have been besties ever since. We can safely say that thirteen miles of water does not get in the way because we talk or text, no exaggeration, at least 150 times a day. No, really, we do—about everything and nothing. Shockingly, we never (we mean never) run out of things to say. Umm, ever. We definitely laugh A LOT and we’re a tad sarcastic. And if we’re being totally honest, one or two people might have, on occasion, used our names and ‘dramatic’ in the same sentence. But it’s hard to trust the sources since they married us.

It only took twelve years, two husbands, five kids, two dogs, and a two-week vacation in Cape Cod later to decide the romance world needed a splash of medicine. Write what you know.
So you can easily find us at 4 o’clock on Bank Street beach with a glass of cold Prosecco brainstorming. And guaranteed if we bump into you, literally, it’s only because our iPhones are glued to our hands (totally out of our control) either writing or editing our next novel (and yes, it is possible to do from your iPhone, we mastered it … damn those straight quotations).

When we are not working on our book or reading the latest angsty romance on our kindles, you basically name it and we have it going on. Soccer, lacrosse, golf, swimming, dance, gymnastics, football, chess, baseball, basketball, skiing, ice skating, school, homework, and more school.
Oh yeah, did we forget to mention our careers in medicine?

Needless to say, we realized fast that something had to go, so we opted for sleep. It’s completely overrated (yet so AMAZING) and delirium makes everything funnier. Good thing we share a brain and can pretty much complete each other’s sentences (definitely weird, we know), otherwise it might have taken us two years to write Beautifully Awake rather than one.

So that’s our story, who we are … just add AUTHORS to the list!

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