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Aurora James ReviewAurora James by Jessica Ingro
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Series: Aurora James #1
Genres: Romance, Fiction, Erotica, Contemporary, Suspense
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I did what I had to do to save her.
I sold my soul to survive.
I fell in love with the devil himself.
I'm Aurora James, and this is my story.


He is darkness and danger; I am his light.
He is cold and ruthless; I am his warmth.
He is a heartless pimp; I am his whore.
And this is our beginning.

Miranda’s Review

Oh. My. Goodness.

No really, OMG! I knew that this book was going to be good because who doesn’t like a good old fashioned love story about a whore and a pimp? I tease, but I was super excited about this one! Ingro is one of those authors I stalk because she kills it at erotica and dirty talking and alpha men. I really wasn’t quite sure what to expect, the synopsis is perfectly vague in the ‘I must read this’ kind of way.

This is a story about how an ordinary woman is pushed into a world she never expected to enter into. With one disaster after another Alyssa has to make hard choices to make ends meet — she ends up on The Den’s doorstep begging for a job. Being a stripper wasn’t what she wanted, but the quick money was desperately needed. When things at The Den aren’t quite as they appear she has yet another hard choice to make.

You didn’t like someone like Xavier. You either stayed far away from him in the interest of self-preservation, considering he could cut you down with just a look, or you worshiped at his feet hoping for any scraps he might give you.

Xavier is intrigued by Alyssa from the beginning. He hates the thought of her losing the light in her eyes like so many of his other girls have. The calming numbness that keeps them pushing forward … but she is determined and so the metamorphosis starts and Alyssa is no more.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I own this body. I say who has access to it. You’re mine.”

I couldn’t get enough of this book. As each chapter ended I was literally begging the real world to stay away for just one more. One more chapter, page, paragraph, heck even one more sentence!! I was very sad to see it end, but then there is a lovely prologue to book two that shows us Xavier isn’t done telling his tale. Thank goodness for that. I love that this book is a complete story all on it’s own, but knowing there is going to be more? I could have jumped for joy. Now I’m not so patiently waiting…

“If you can beat back his demons, you’ll know the richest kind of love.”

Aurora James is the perfect balance of romance, suspense, and erotica. Xavier completely won me over — definitely one of those anti-heroes that have to redeem themselves throughout. Man he was a growly alpha man. If you learn anything about him at all it’s that you don’t cross him and you especially don’t mess with anything that he calls his. Five Thrilling Stars and Five Whorishly Drenched Panties.

Rating Report
Wet Panties
Overall: five-stars

About Jessica Ingro

Jessica is the author of the Love Square series. She grew up in Central New York, where she spends her days as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she’s been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to share her stories with the world.

Jessica currently lives in New York with her husband and three dogs.

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