Where She Belongs by Dani Wyatt

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Where She Belongs by Dani WyattWhere She Belongs by Dani Wyatt
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Series: The Forever Collection #1
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Erotica

Decker Lawrence just opened The Monarch, the crown jewel in his chain of successful nightclubs. Surrounded every day by beautiful women, he’s never been tempted to sample the goods. That is until she stumbles in. With a quirky innocence and curves-for-days, May is about to change this virgin’s life forever.

May Morgan has riches beyond most people’s wildest dreams, but after her parent’s death, none of it will ever be hers. Bound to her upcoming arranged marriage, May dreams of escape. Her crazy idea to slip away and earn money by dancing at a hot nightclub seems like the perfect solution. Except, when the handsome club owner catches sight of her, he offers her far more than just a job.

Decker has waited his whole life for his first time, but he knows what he wants and he doesn’t hesitate to stake his claim. When he discovers what waits for May back at home, Decker sees red. Is one man strong enough to fight the evil forces determined to tear them apart? Will these May to December virgins ever get their fairy tale first time?

Authors Note: The Forever Collection is all virgins, love-at-first-sight, indulgent fantasy. It’s fall hard, fall fast and get right to the sticky bits. If you want to lose yourself for a while with a happily ever after, no cheating and all wrapped up with an obsessed, alpha hero who will stop at nothing to make babies with his woman, then step inside, it’s steamy.

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Miranda’s Review

Where She Belongs by Dani Wyatt is the first in what I’m sure will be a great series filled with insta-love, obsessive alpha heroes, and squishy baby making. To say I’m obsessed with this kind of book would be an understatement. I have a problem. I need a support group. Not that it would help, I’d just convince everyone in the group to read more books, starting with this one.

I adore the characters in this book. May is so sweet, innocent really. She’s the perfect heroine for this kind of romance. Decker is growly, but has a heart of gold. The instant obsession with May is spot on perfect, exactly what a girl wants in this type of indulgent read. I can’t wait for more in the Forever Collection — I have greedy grabby hands.
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What’s that?” I tease, straightening up, trying to give my dick some more room and sucking in some air through my teeth in an attempt to keep the beast at bay.
“A present, silly. Don’t tell me no one’s ever given you a present before.” She holds out the box between us in two upturned palms, like it’s some sort of an offering. “I made it. Open it.”
She’s full on smiling now and I can’t stop imagining how her pouty, full pink lips are going to feel around my cock.
“Okay, Pink.” I can’t help but call her that, because that’s who she is. I reach for the box but she jerks it away. She’s looking at me through narrowed eyes, like I just told her I can catch her a unicorn.
“How did you do that?”
“Do what?”
She lets out a defeated puff of air and her shoulders slump as she holds out the box again. I take it because now I really want it. I want to open the box and I want to open her. Untie her like a gift and give her part of me.
I tug the end of the ribbon with one hand and hold the bottom of the box with the other. She’s still swinging her feet and rubbing against the outside of my pants with every movement, making my heart pound out a SOS below my belt.
I slip a finger under the top flap and flip it open. When I see what’s inside, all bets are off. There is no more weird; there is just fate and destiny, and I can’t even fucking believe someone like me is saying those words, but it’s true. She was meant for me and nothing will keep me from her, from taking what is rightfully mine.
I imagine burying my face between her thick thighs, the sound of my name on her lips and her cum filling my mouth.
“Pink,” I growl, and the contrast between the deep raw baritone of my voice and the word itself is as shocking as what is happening right now.
“Yes, it’s a pink raspberry Napoleon. My own original creation. How did you know it would be pink?” Her eyes twinkle as she speaks. “I had to hold it the whole way on the bus to make sure it made it in one piece.”
I shake my head, then set the box down next to us on the desk and bring my face next to her ear.
“Do you believe in destiny, Pink?” I don’t give her a chance to answer. “I didn’t until right now. Thank you for this gift. I would love to eat it, but there is something else I want to eat even more. Get ready, my little May, you are about to discover what a real orgasm feels like.”
“Lift up your skirt,” I growl, my teeth on her neck, taking my first bite and listening to her breathy whimpers. I mark her here first, knowing full well it will only be the first. “I want you to show me what else you brought me.”
I lean back, my eyes gobbling up every detail of her face, down her chest where my hands are already working to open the buttons on her sweater.
“Do it. Show me, I want to see your panties,” I order, pinning her with my eyes, and there is a flash of doubt. “You didn’t answer me before. Do you believe in fate, May?”
“I’m not sure.” Her voice is barely above a whisper and her fingertips move to touch the hem of her schoolgirl skirt.
“You should.”

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Rating Report
Wet Panties
Overall: four-stars

About Dani Wyatt

Dani Wyatt loves her alpha men; make them military, cowboys, MMA — any uber alpha with a wicked possessive streak and an insatiable libido. Receive a free exclusive unpublished title when you join Dani’s private readers group for updates, free chapters and discounts.

She’s a 40 something regular lady who just happens to love badass alpha males who pull your hair and love their women with a lethal passion.

When she’s not writing (which is not often) she is probably laughing about some irony (like A-1 Steak Sauce is vegan), riding her horse, wondering why The Walking Dead can’t have a new episode every night, or looking cross-eyed at some piece of technology sent to ruin her day.

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