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Renewed (Shattered #3)

H. D’Agostino

Life is full of choices. Some are easy, some are hard, and some are life altering. Nick Sutter and Leah Carmichael have spent the better part of their lives in love with each other. Reconnecting after a six year break had seemed impossible, but determination and forgiveness helped true love prevail. Nick thought his life was perfect…that is until Leah dropped the ultimate bomb…she’s pregnant. As Nick grapples to keep a hold on reality, Leah is faced with a heartbreaking decision that could shatter the fragile bond they are clinging to. Can she choose between herself and her baby? How will Nick react when she does? Will they survive the aftermath? See how it all ends in Renewed, the final book in the Shattered trilogy.

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I just finished Renewed and I really liked it! It was definitely a good conclusion to Leah and Nick. You have to follow the series with Shattered first then Restored. We are now where Leah and Nick were to get married. Her pregnancy has professed but she is having issues. She has to decide to either terminate the baby and save herself or take the chance and risk both her and the baby. This story is about taking risks and praying that things turn out the way that you want them too.

This was a really good story. For me it just got better and better. A lot of things happened between them and the secondary character. They never over shadowed each other. It went well with each other. It makes me wonder at least with the secondary characters (Cam and Avery) if we have more coming. Would love more!

Both Nick and Leah have grown up so much from the first story to now. Their chemistry is a beautiful thing. It’s real and I felt so bad with some of the things that they had to go through. You really want their happy ending.

You do want to miss out of this series. It’s about second chances and doing what you can do make things work. You will enjoy it like I did!

Story 4
Sex 4
Overall 4

Meet Nick and Leah

 At first I didn’t know where I was. I’d remembered falling asleep the night before on the

couch, but when I opened my eyes I was in bed. Alone. I could hear the shower running, and soft grunts

were coming from the bathroom. I knew Nick was in there, but I’d never heard him so vocal before.

Curiosity overwhelmed me, and I slowly pulled myself out of bed. I was still wearing the t-shirt

that I’d had on the night before causing me to shiver slightly from the cool breeze that drifted through

the room. I wrapped my arms around my middle and padded over to the bathroom door. As I pushed on

it lightly, it slowly opened to reveal the most erotic sight. Through the glass door, I could see Nick

leaning against one of the walls. His head was tipped with his left arm bent and pressed against the wall

over his head. Steam had fogged the air, but his silhouette left no doubt to what he was doing. His right

hand was gripping his cock as he stroked himself vigorously, His thighs flexed tight as his face scrunched

up in pleasure. Moans and groans escaped his lips as he mumbled incoherently. I had no idea why he

was so turned on, but when his hips jerked forward one last time before he mumbled, “Holy Shit!” I

knew he was done. He shook his head as his body trembled, fighting to remain standing. I watched as he

stepped under the water one last time before turning the shower off.

Before I could escape back into the bedroom, the shower door opened and Nick stepped out

onto the rug. He didn’t notice me at first as he reached for a towel, but when he brought it up to wipe

his face, he fumbled and our eyes connected. Nervous and embarrassed at being caught, I began

chewing on my fingernail. Nick quickly gained his balance as he smirked at me. I knew I must be blushing

because he snickered before holding his arms and the towel out to the side exposing himself.

“See something you like?” he chuckled.
“I’ve seen better,” I shrugged and tried to avert my gaze.
Nick strode over to stand right in front of me and leaned in next to my ear, “Don’t lie to me

Leah. I can tell just by looking at you that you want me to take you right now.”

I shuddered and cursed my body for being so easy to read. I could feel every nerve ending

coming to life as he leaned in to kiss my cheek. Sexual awareness zinged through me as he reached

around to cup my rear causing me to stumble forward and press into his chest. I shivered when I felt his

fingertips brush the underside of my butt, right along my panties. 

“You can’t tell me that you don’t want me to fuck you right now,” he murmured as he ran the tip

of his nose along my jaw. “I bet you’re dripping,” he moved the hand that was behind me forward and

right between my thighs, letting his fingers run over my damp panties. “That’s what I thought,” he


“Nick?” I whimpered as I balled my hands into fists at my side refusing to touch him. 
“What baby?” his nose skimmed my jaw on the other side and then paused.
“I can’t…” I squeezed my eyes shut fighting to remain in control.
“I know,” he smirked and then stepped back away from me breaking all contact between us.
My eyes flew open as my jaw dropped, “What are you doing?”
“Getting ready for work,” he shrugged as he worked his way around me and over to the


He pulled open a drawer and grabbed a pair of boxers. After tugging them on, he stepped into

the closet. I stood there stunned for a moment, shocked that he would get me so worked up and then

leave me like that. He’d never done it before, and the entire situation completely miffed me. 

“You can’t leave me like this,” I whined.
Nick chuckled, “Ummm yeah, I can.”
“Nick!” I growled and stomped my feet like a petulant child.
He only laughed harder as he pushed by me on his way back into the bathroom to comb his


“You said you wanted our wedding night to be special. No sex until then, remember?” he looked

in the mirror at me standing behind him. “I’m holding up my end of the deal. Trust me when I tell you

that waiting for this is going to make it that much better,” he winked at me before I turned and stomped

over to the bed.

I stood there in our room for a minute while he continued to pamper himself in the bathroom.

As a plan began to form, I giggled to myself. I grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt I was wearing and

whipped it over my head. After tossing it on the bed, I shimmied out of my panties, and sashayed right

past him wearing nothing but a smile as I stepped into the shower. Nick’s eyes traveled the length of me

as I fought with myself to ignore his presence. He was not going to win. When the water blasted on, I

heard Nick sigh. I giggled again as I muttered, “Game on!” before stepping under the water to take care

of myself. Two could play this game, and I was not one to lose. Nick would be begging before our six

week hiatus was up, I was sure of it.


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