Boss Box Set by Rae Lynn Blaise

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Boss Box Set by Rae Lynn BlaiseBoss by Rae Lynn Blaise
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Genres: Erotica, Fiction, General

Book 1

"Six years ago, I made a deal with the devil.

Six years ago, I delivered a package to a man that made me tremble - in fear and in lust.

Six years ago, I barely walked away with my life.

Today, that man became my boss. And I'm still trembling."

Book 2

"There is more to my boss than I ever expected - more needs.

But then, there's more to me than he knows - more wants.

Together, we could start fires with our scorching heat.

But how hot can we get before I am burned alive?"

Book 3

"My past is threatening to overwhelm me, to destroy what happiness I have found.

My lover, my boss has a past as well, but he won't let me in.

I'll do anything for him to let me in - anything.

But can I survive the secrets I uncover?"

Book 4

"I'm afraid I'll be destroyed the same way my sister was.

I want to understand his secrets, I want him to protect me, but now he has me under his control.

I'm afraid I'll disappear and no one will even know I was here.

I can't stop, though...because I'm falling in love."

Book 5

"He’s betrayed me in the worst possible way.

My heart wants it to be a mistake.

My mind has me on the run, for my life.

Will I survive without him? Do I want to?"

ARC provided by Author/Publisher for honest review.

Shay’s Review

Book 1 –

A hot steamy read. Enjoyed the characters. I did get confused at the end when we had a different set of characters. Take that away and it was a quick sexy read. Do want to see what happens with Erica and Brent

Book 2 –

Brent and Erica are back in this next volume. Picks up where we left off. Brent definitely has some secrets that we are and will learn as we read. Erica to me, I’m trying to relate to her but she is very indecisive. One minute she is trying to stay away from him but then next she is all over him. I get the going back and forth but this is a lot in such a short novella. I’m hoping she makes up her mind and sticks with it. I’m seeing we will learn more about her secrets too

Book 3 –

Brent and Erica are back in the 3rd volume of the series and we learn some secrets on both their sides. Erica is still indecisive. I get but lord how many times can u change your mind about being his submissive. Once she does those a new secret is revealed. How will she handle this? Will she run or will she stick around and wait to see if Brent will be honest with her?

Book 4 –

Volume 4 picks up right where Erica finds out about Liz and runs. I figured she would do that but Brent chases her, something I wasn’t expecting. I’m digging him. The mysterious Dom. We are getting some secrets which I’m sure will conclude in volume 5. Here’s to hoping Erica will stop running and trust him.


Book 5 –

Volume 5 finished the Boss series and it was a good read. Definitely had the sexy BDSM aspect to it. I liked Brent. Would have loved to read his POV. Erica for me was an ok character. I get the whole running away aspect. You got to have climatic parts but several running moments just got redundant to me. Overall a good story.

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