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Maldeamores ReviewMaldeamores: (Lovesick) by Mara White
Series: Heightsbound #1
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance, Taboo
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Belén: I’ve loved Luciano ever since I can remember, desired him before I even knew what it meant. He’s always been the only man in my life—my constant protector, and his rejection only intensifies my need.

Luciano: I’ve never known a love more fierce than the one I feel for Belén. But I force myself to deny her no matter how much it hurts.

Our love is a sickness and both of us are infected.

Because there’s no cure for being from the same family.

ARC provided by Author/Publisher for honest review.

Miranda’s Review

I finished reading Maldeamores last night and even after letting it roll around my brain all day I’m still not sure how to put into words what this book did to me. Mara White definitely has a line on angst-ridden romance. It was completely impossible to keep from letting the characters burrow into my heart. There is just no keeping yourself from getting ensnared. Lovesick is the most accurate description for how this book will leave you feeling.

We’re both each other’s poison, but we’re also each other’s only antidote.

Belén and Luciano have always been together. He is her protector, best friend, and family. My heart ached for Belén, the way she tormented herself — the guilt she felt tore me to pieces. She was constantly in a state of waiting…yearning…hoping. Yet everything she desired, the one person that could make her whole was untouchable.

I love my pain, Lucky, and I love how it hurts me. When I no longer feel it, it means I’ve lost my connection to you, and I never want that to happen. I love this pain because it’s part of loving you. 

Luciano (Lucky) does everything in his power to push Belén away, but when you’ve got the sickness there is no cure and there is no denying it’s power. Innocent and pure love turns into a passion that just can’t be contained and when he forces it down and away he starts on a path to self-destruction. I wanted to shake Lucky then hug him until all his pieces would be put back together.

But I’ll keep pushing you away, Belén, a million times if I have to. All that means is that I love you better than I love myself.

I swear, Romeo & Juliet have a run for their money on claiming the biggest tragedy. So much angst, so much love, and more heartache than anyone can be expected to survive. Maldeamores is the sickness that keeps you turning the pages, craving more — always more. Five Plus beautifully tragic stars and five wet panties for dirty-talking smut. A Mommy’s a Book Whore certified must read!

Lucky is probably the most dangerous mistake I could ever make.

About Mara White

Mara White is a contemporary romance and erotica writer who laces forbidden love stories with hard issues, such as race, gender and inequality. She holds an Ivy League degree but has also worked in more strip clubs than even she can remember. She is not a former Mexican telenovela star contrary to what the tabloids might say, but she is a former ballerina and will always remain one in her heart. She lives in NYC with her husband and two children and yes, when she’s not writing you can find her on the playground.

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