Man of Honor Series: Passion in Paradise Author: Sarah O’Rourke Review

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Man of Honor Series: Passion in Paradise Author: Sarah O’Rourke ReviewMan of Honor by Sarah O'Rourke
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Sheriff Zeke Monroe loves one woman...Honor McKinnon. He is willing to stake his entire future on protecting matter what the cost.

Honor McKinnon knows she is broken. Her body and soul had been shattered by a violent attack years ago, and no one...not her sisters or anyone else in the tiny town of Paradise, especially the Sheriff...can change that. Rather than dealing with her wounds, she chooses to protect herself from any further damage, even if that means that she avoids the one chance at love. But Zeke is determined to break down Honor’s walls...and to find the persons responsible for hurting her and make them suffer.

He’s already killed for her once...and is willing to do it again if it means she'll know safety and happiness.

What happens when Zeke refuses to allow Honor to ignore her past? Will Zeke’s love be passionate enough to break down her barriers? And can Zeke save Honor when her life is in danger once again?

Join Sarah O’Rourke in this epic culmination of the Men of the McKinnon Sisters stories...and find out how the Passion in Paradise series is always scorching hot! Standalone, romantica suspense.

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Shay’s Review

Man of Honor is the awaited story of Zeke and Honor. As you know reading the series that Honor at the age of 16 had suffered from being kidnapped, raped and left for dead. This was hard on all of them. My heart hurt to read about it in the previous books but that was just a glimpse because now we get the details and the agony that she endured. My heart literally broke into a million pieces to witness what she had to go through and that she still suffers from it. Zeke is not only the town sheriff but he has loved Honor for what seems like forever and even though it has been 8 years, he suffers from guilt as his action set this unfortunate event into motion. It’s unwarranted. Trust me. You feel for the guy. He is still trying to find the last 2 remaining assailants while trying to break down Honor’s heavily guarded heart.

“Love is patient, Kitten. It wont be either rushed or ignored. I’ve always known that. Known that this bond between us had to be carefully nurtured…painstakingly built. I’ve always understood that t would take blood, sweat and tears..that it would be difficult for both of us. But love ENDURES. It grows. It deepens. and you cant tell me that hasnt happened for us. Sure, its challenging, and there are going to be days where we ask if it’s worth the pain. But the answer is yes. We ARE worth all the tough days and lonely night. We are worth fighting for.”

This story pulled me in from the get go and it was hard to put down while everyday life was running around me, I wanted to stay in my own Paradise! These characters have so much depth and have a likability that I enjoy in a story. The dynamic between the characters, secondary included bring so much to the story, you cannot help but immerse yourself into the story wishing you were apart of it.

This story gave me all the feels. I would definitely recommend this story, heck, the series to all my book friends. They would certainly enjoy being in Paradise!


“Not necessarily, but I wouldn’t mind,” Zeke replied truthfully. “Honor, darlin, you’re a gorgeous woman.”
“Not without my clothes,” she mumbled, bending her head to stare at her clenched fists. “Ugly,” she muttered. “I’m ugly.”
Tensing, Zeke’s jaw clenched. “I don’t know why the hell you’re saying that, but there’s not a single ugly thing about you. Not when you’re naked. Not when you’re tryin’ to bring yourself to release. Not ever, Honor Grace. You do not ever have to be ashamed of your body.”
Honor slowly lifted her mortified gaze to him. “You’ve never seen me without my clothes, Zeke. There are scars. So many scars. They’re raised and bumpy. Some are red and raw. It’s disgusting, Ezekiel.”
“Bullshit. Every single one of those marks remind me of one thing, Honor. One,” he growled, holding up a finger between them. “You lived. You survived. When all the odds were stacked against you, you defied modern medicine and every one of those damned doctors predictions, and you lived. And all those scars will ever do is remind me of how lucky I am to still have you. Don’t you ever tell me you’re ugly because you’re the most beautiful thing in my world. You wanna be scared to share your body with me because of what happened to you? I get that. I can accept that. But worrying about some marks on your flesh? I love you, baby, but that’s insane.”
Honor stared at him a long time, gauging his sincerity. “It doesn’t feel silly,” she finally grumbled.
“You need to reassess your feelings then because I assure you, it’s one of the silliest concerns you ever had. Christ, baby, how long have you been agonizing of a worry as pointless as your scars?” he asked, shoving a frustrated hand through his dark hair. “I could have put these fears to rest ages ago, Honor, if I’d known about it.”
“It’s hard to talk about,” she revealed in a low voice as her head twisted to look at him.
“Yeah? Is feeling like shit alone better than talking it over together with me?” he returned calmly, reaching up to tenderly tuck her hair behind one ear. “Baby, you gotta start getting this. When you hurt, I hurt. When you suffer, I suffer right along with you. Don’t make either one of us feel that way needlessly, Kitten. Just talk to me. I know you have scars. You’ve got them on your body, and you’ve got them on your soul. I’ve sat by your hospital bed too many times to count and watched you while you did your damnedest to heal them both. Those wounds are not new information to me and they don’t change shit. I still love you, and I don’t allow those scars to do anything other than remind me to treasure every day I have with you. Okay?”
Honor’s eyes were soft as they locked with Zeke’s. “You really do love me a lot, don’t you?” she asked in a small voice.
“So much that I ache with it, Honor.”

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Overall: five-stars

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