Marauder Ramses by Aya Morningstar

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Marauder Ramses by Aya MorningstarMarauder Ramses by Aya Morningstar
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Series: Mating Wars #4
Genres: Science Fiction, Romance, Fiction

Ramses Ivanov never thought he’d find his mate, but when this alien warrior meets his new partner--a human cop on Earth--everything changes. He can’t resist her soft, sweet voice; or her almond-brown eyes and killer curves. Dating your partner is frowned upon, but Ramses has been afraid of breaking all the rules.

Elise never really wanted to be a cop, and she certainly never wanted an insufferable, frustrating asshole like Ramses as her partner. The sexy, pink-skinned alien swaggers onto Earth like he owns the whole planet, and he looks at Elise with a cocky grin, like he owns her.

When a terrorist attack exposes Elise to a mysterious gas, the supercomputer that runs Earth tries to kill her. Ramses knows of only one place that he can keep her safe--a place no one is supposed to go...Atlantis. He’d go to hell and back to protect Elise, but it turns out that Atlantis is the closest thing there is to hell.

Marauder Ramses is the fourth book in the Mating Wars series, it features steamy sex, thrilling battles, and plenty of romance. All books in this rock-hard science fiction series can be read as standalones, there are no cliffhangers, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

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Miranda’s Review

Marauder Ramses is the fourth book in the Mating Wars series by Aya Morningstar. Even though it’s a series that I would suggest you read in order, you can definitely read Ramses’ story as a stand-alone.

I’ll not even lie, I was terrified to read this book. I loved the Marauder, the original three alien hunks stole my heart, big time. Knowing that this book skipped ahead years and moved into the Seraphim, the children of Marauder and human mates, worried me. I’m so thrilled that I worried for no reason. In fact, I think this book is my favorite of the series.

There is a lot of action and adventure with a beautifully crafted mate/insta-love bond between Ramses and Elise. They had great chemistry not only as a romantic couple, but as partners in the fight against the Darkstar Marauder. The author puts a ton of story into these novellas, even though this is a quick read, it is completely satisfying.

I can’t wait for the next book, I’m half in love with Kain already.

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Overall: five-stars

About Aya Morningstar

Aya Morningstar lives in Denver, where she toils her days away in a drab office. By night, Aya brings to life sizzling characters who will make you squirm.

She writes with a hot cup of Earl Grey and her loyal werecorgi by her side.

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