New Release ~ A.A. Dark with 24690 (Dark and Twisted at it’s best)

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New Release ~ A.A. Dark with 24690 (Dark and Twisted at it’s best)24690 by A.A. Dark
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Buried deep below the everyday life of our society lives an underground world of nightmares—of violence and murder no one dares speak about. Contracts and laws weave the web of our culture together. Our Masters walk amongst us. They can be our friends, or the ones to make us disappear forever.

Where I once had found peace within my existence, it all ended with the death of my cruel, yet caring owner. My world shattered and I was taken back to the one place I had hoped to never see again—the cells of Whitlock—a subterranean fortress for slaves who await their new placement.

Now I have no rights. I have no say. My feelings and wellbeing are meaningless. Escape is impossible, but I have nothing left to lose.

To stand any chance of survival, I must give my life as collateral to the highest bidder: Soul for Sale.

slave 24690

Warning: This book contains extremely disturbing situations, explicit sexual content, and very graphic language. This book exceeds the dark genre and has been classified as PITCH BLACK. May contain triggers for some. Read at your own risk!!

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

ARC provided by Author/Publisher for honest review.

Shay’s Review

24690 has just honestly put me through the ringer. I have felt so many emotions that it is hard to express how I am feeling now that I am done.

I was just utterly fascinated with the characters that A.A. Dark created. The masters that run this world are sadistic, brutal and inhumane to say the least. Reading them left me cringing and dreading what was going to come next. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty.

Bram, the main master, was the worst of all or so I thought. Once I read further, he appears to me at least the better out of the bunch. Don’t get me wrong, he is a monster. He is just the lesser of the two evils. Regardless of his corrupted ways, I couldn’t help but be captivated by his obsession and possessiveness with 24690, the slave he has always wanted.

“Emotions came in many forms, and love appeared in mass shades. Mine was a dark as it came, and the fixation just happened to develop where it didn’t belong. Slave Vicolette could never be mine, even if she were free of her master. My position allowed it, but I refused, and it wasn’t for her. It was for me.”

The slaves in this story left my heart shattered for what they go through. The rapes, the beatings, it just crippled me. I was rendered speechless to be honest. All I know is that I wanted a hero to come in and save them but none was to be had here. 24690 is the main slave that this story is about. She has lived with this depravity for so long, she knows that there is no escaping it and another master will be chosen for her. Her life is meaningless, insignificant and knows she has no choice but she cannot help the connection that her and Bram have.

“What did I feel for him? There was something. There always had been. Sure, he scared me, but I couldn’t dismiss the times I’d seen his tenderness. He’d helped me more than once over the years. Even now, I prayed he was saving me from some disaster only he knew was coming”

A.A. Dark is a genius storyteller that has created a world with so many twists and turns that you will question your judgement because trust me, you will be rooting for the monster. It is dark and twisted at it’s best!

I cannot wait for more!

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Wet Panties
Overall: five-stars

About A.A. Dark

A.A. Dark is Alaska Angelini’s pen for her darker books. These are dark to the EXTREME-Thriller, Horror based. **Caution when reading.**

Alaska Angelini is a Best Selling Author of dark, twisted happily-ever-afters. She currently resides in Wisconsin, but moves at the drop of a dime. Check back in a few months and she’s guaranteed to live somewhere new.

Obsessive, stalking, mega-alpha hero’s/anti-heros are her thing. Throw in some rope, cuffs, and a whip or two, and watch the magic begin.

If you’re looking to connect with her to learn more, feel free to email her at, or find her on Facebook.

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