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Title: Caught Up
Series: Drawn #2
Author: M.A. Stone
 Release Date: January 28, 2015


Once upon a time there was a wounded Prince who fell in love with an Angel. They got married, had crazy babies and everyone thought that they would live happily ever after. Everyone was wrong. Dead wrong.

Twenty years after the death of his wife Angel, Aaron Drawn is out of prison and attempting to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Only, its not going so well. His days are filled with work and his nights are filled with liquor and women. That is, until a little tattooed pixie of a woman dances into his life and completely takes over. Before he can even blink, she has turned his world on its ear and he can’t seem to get enough of her. The only question is, is it too late for Aaron to get a second chance?

Chloe Van Zant has lived in the shadow of her loving, but larger than life parents and her perfect sister. When she moved to Jasper Falls, she finally found acceptance and a home alongside her new friends and co-workers at Insatiable Ink and Cycle. Then she meets Aaron Drawn and her world comes screeching to a halt. He’s hot, dangerous and old enough to be her father! Ignoring the haters and naysayers, she sets out to help him see all the good things in his life and maybe talk him into her bed. A girl can try can’t she??

Sometimes a Princess is an unconventional, tattooed, bundle of energy…and sometimes the Prince is the one who needs to be rescued….and everyone knows there is always room for a second chance or two.

WARNING: Not for readers under the age of 18. Contains mature topics and sexual situations.

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Kindle Edition (edit)
review I just finished Caught Up and I really enjoyed it. It is apart of the Drawn Series so to really get an idea of all the characters this should be read in order but could be read as a stand alone. Aaron is the daddy of the Drawn brunch, the kids Axel, Bleu, Beau and Matt. Aaron has just gotten out of prison for murdering his wife even though he did not do it. He was wrongfully accused, not enough evidence. With being out, he has been whoring around, drinking, getting his johnson pierced..that sort of thing. Hell, he was in prison for 20 years what do you expect? But his family is worried about him so Chloe (which is Bleu friend) comes to get him out of his stupor. Aaron ends up staying with Chloe and they of course start feeling things for one another. He is 53 and she is 32. Big age difference but to me this age gap is just a number. There is also family drama going on throughout the whole story that kept me entertained even though at times it was a little bit much. But it really made me care about these characters. It did have me laughing throughout and I just cant wait to see what happens next! My only complaint is the way it ended. I wanted more but alas it will continue in the next one!

Story 4
Sex 4
Overall 4

                                                                                        Beggin Whore

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Stone has been writing and making up stories ever since she was a little girl

and she got her Sesame Street coloring books taken away for filling them with

dirty words. She was born and raised in Upstate NY(which oddly makes her sound

like she is from Wisconsin)and has moved around all over the east coast.She

currently lives in South Central PA with her amazingly sarcastic husband and

her four incredibly entertaining children. Oh and her dog who weighs over 90

pounds, but thinks she is a Shi Tzu.

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