Review Policy

Our review policy is fairly straight-forward.

We are honest.

End of.

You will only see reviews posted that are three stars and higher because this blog is centered around our recommendations.

However, if you wish to see all of our reviews you are welcome to view them on Goodreads as we do post there no matter the rating.

Regardless of the rating all reviews are done in a professional manner. We do not condone author or book bashing. Period.

As of now all reviews are from Blog Tour ARCs, Publisher ARCs, and Whore Purchased books.

We are currently accepting review requests — keep in mind that we are incredibly busy with work, family, and blogging so we cannot accept all requests. If we think your book is a fit we will contact you!


While our blog does not participate in any affiliate programs it could still be possible that author or promotional company provided links could be associated.

ARCs are provided by authors and publishers for honest reviews. Those reviews are marked as such.


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