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Mate of Her Heart – R..

Mate of Her Heart – Review

 Werewolf Eveny Moore is coming into her first heat at the age of twenty-five. Bucking tradition, she chooses to go through her first heat alone instead of choosing an unmated male from her pack. There is only one male that she wants in her bed and her life: her best friend, Luke Elrich. But Luke […]

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Angels in Leather Blitz

Angels in Leather Blitz

  A girl on the run. Her father gave her one task before he died. To deliver a package. Now she has the baddest biker in the state after her. He wants what she’s got. Secrets in both the past and the present threaten to destroy what she is working so hard for. He threatens […]

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Renegade Lady – Blog ..

Renegade Lady – Blog Tour & Reviews

When time comes for Ice to take her place in the club, she has two choices, become an old lady or a club whore. Not believing in love and knowing a man can never be faithful, she decides to earn her spot on her back.  With each passing year, Kidd’s feelings for Ice grows and […]

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Stolen Grace – Blog T..

Stolen Grace – Blog Tour

A marriage on the rocks. Their little daughter caught in between. And a woman who will stop at nothing. Sylvia and Tommy Garland and their five-year-old daughter Grace have moved from the bright lights of New York City to the peaceful wilderness of the Wyoming countryside. But with the recession on their heels, Tommy leaves […]

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Hope Restrained – Blo..

Hope Restrained – Blog Tour

She was meant to be his assassinA forced player in a rivalry within The EstateYet her loyalty was to no person but herselfWhen Hope is taken captive by Xander BlackShe becomes the one thing that can ensure Aaron’s reignRaised within a rival crime network, Hope Delacroix wanted nothing to do with The Estate. A fierce […]

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