White Out by A.A. Dark

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White Out by A.A. DarkWhite Out by A.A. Dark
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For the briefest moment, revenge was sweet. My husband was suffering before my very eyes, and Bram … he was alive.

But happiness didn’t last.

The man who claimed he wasn’t my savior held true to his word. Bram didn’t rush in and save me from the cruel fate of the White Room. No one did. Now I’m tortured with red light massacres and a hell I could have never imagined. Surviving will take everything I have, but I’m determined to get answers from the man who turned his back on me.

When I think it can’t get worse … it does. Slave 24690 is all but gone. The evil woman reborn is what nightmares are made of. Insanity beckons, but even my madness won’t derail the plans I’ve set in motion.

Masters will fall. Conspiracies will reign. But will I be strong enough to let go of the one thing that could ultimately destroy me?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

ARC provided by Author/Publisher for honest review.

Shay’s Review

“You couldn’t befriend monsters and expect blood not to become involved at some point. And that’s all this place housed. No one was to be trusted. The reality of my new plan was sinking in even more. I couldn’t live my life this way and expect to survive”

White Out is number 2 in the 24690 series and what a read it was. This is not a standalone, 24690 is a must read first to understand what’s going on at Whitlock. This is not for the faint at heart. This is a gruesome, conniving, and imaginative masterpiece in the making!!

As always Alaska pulls me in from the get go and I had a lot trouble getting back into the real world I was that immersed in the story. Done in multiple POV’s I was pulled into so many directions. I had so many feelings all at one time that I couldn’t think straight sometimes. Alaska is so creative, just a genius storyteller and has such an imagination that when she writes on paper, it just comes to life so beautifully.

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Rating Report
Wet Panties
Overall: five-stars

About A.A. Dark

A.A. Dark is Alaska Angelini’s pen for her darker books. These are dark to the EXTREME-Thriller, Horror based. **Caution when reading.**

Alaska Angelini is a Best Selling Author of dark, twisted happily-ever-afters. She currently resides in Wisconsin, but moves at the drop of a dime. Check back in a few months and she’s guaranteed to live somewhere new.

Obsessive, stalking, mega-alpha hero’s/anti-heros are her thing. Throw in some rope, cuffs, and a whip or two, and watch the magic begin.

If you’re looking to connect with her to learn more, feel free to email her at alaska_angelini@yahoo.com, or find her on Facebook.

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